Psychotherapie München, Dr. med. Sibylle Kroesen

About myself


I have always been interested in people, how they behave, how they get along and how they become the individuals they are today. What brings colour (hapiness) into life?

Why is it that some take it easy and some take it seriously and hard? To feel lively, to feel at ease?


My medical background in short

– For the detailed version please see above in the German version –


Study of non-medical practitioner

Study of medicine LMU Munich

Thesis: Connection of trauma of the parents and attachment disorder of the children

Medical assistant in various clinics for many years, experience in Psychiatry (Switzerland)

Specialisation in: Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy (exists only in Germany)

Own private practice



Qualification in short (for long version please see above)


LMU Munich SAFE=stable education for parents –on the basis of attachment theory
Cip academy, Munich Continuous training in behavioural therapy and other postgraduate professional education such as:
emotionfocused therapy, Greenberg, MBCT, Pesso, bodily oriented and locomotor education and many more.