Psychotherapie München, Dr. med. Sibylle Kroesen

Spectrum of treatment


Indication and symptoms seen by the patient


When is time for treatment?


I feel burned-out / rattled, empty, completely exhausted. My energy is used up quickly, I can´t concentrate for longer periods of time, can´t achieve positive results like before.

Thinking: I have engaged myself very much in my work but I lose my energy quickly. Have I taken on more than I can handle? What is the reason for the overloading? Will I be acknowledged for my efforts?



My thinking has changed- it is more negative, pessimistic and gloomy.

My mood has weighed me down, I am dull, without energy, don´t feel pleasure anymore. Everything is too much. Generally, I quickly feel worthless, guilty and helpless.

It is difficult to feel myself anymore, I feel indifferent. I am a nervous person, „sensitive“, I avoid contact with others, I neglect my friends.

My thoughts revolve around myself, I am not concentrated, have thinking barriers.

Often I cannot sleep at night, and I don´t have appetite or I have binge-eating. And no sex drive                   or:       no desire to live anymore?


Anxiety Disorder / Panic Disorder

I feel anxious/terrified for no reason.

I have a racing heart, I am sweating, shivering, I feel sick or dizzy. Preasure in the chest or chest tightness.

This can occur with or without a trigger. (Example: arachnephobia, claustrophobia, fear of exams, fear to establish contact).


Stressreaction of the Body

Are the symptoms of the body a reaction to stress?

The reaction can be very different: headache, vertigo, nausea, vomiting – also symptoms like a racing heart, sweating, shivering.

Increased irritability , inner restlessness, nightmares, also stomach ache, chest pain. Common thoughts: why am I experiencing these symptoms? What is the trigger? Why do I have these symptoms now?



Eating disorder

like anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating, comfort eating

I always have the feeling that I´m too fat, no matter what I do to lose weight. I am only interested in how much I weigh, I can’t accept my body. My self esteem is low, I don´t like myself nor my body, I am not worth anything. I expect a lot of myself, I am very perfectionist.

Or        I react to unpleasant situations with my family, at work or with friends with snack attacks, after that I have to hunger. Then I hate myself for it. How can I get a feeling for/ like my body again? How can I learn to accept my body? How can I help myself find a balance or get a feeling for healthy or normal nutrition and food?



Acute stress situation of shock, trauma

As in a robbery, accident, near death experience. Unexpected incidents like a sudden termination or being abandoned by the partner or death of a loved one or even a loved animal.

How can I overcome a divorce? How can I deal with a change in my work or transition? How can I live after a loss, is there still a meaningfull life for me? How can I overcome my feeling of despair? Is there a life „afterwards“?


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

I get these „flashbacks“ (re-experiencing of a traumatic situation like a threat, violence, emotional or sexual abuse), I suddenly feel these panic attacks, at times something happens so that I plunge into this situation (flashback) or I have to leave the situation in panic. I am hyper-nervous and strained, easily startled, sleeping badly. I avoid such situations, feeling numb, withdrawn. I feel depressed and have no longer strength to live my life, it is difficult to find a meaning to life.


Coping with the Past, Crisis of Meaning or Life

Recurring scenes or retrospection come into my mind which I can´t let go. I can´t forget, forgive, I get caught up, I forfeit my life.


Midlife Crisis

What do I do with my life now? How can I discover a new fulfilling life? How can I rediscover my own creativity or re-develop it, see and strengthen my individual potential?



Couples Counceling, Couples Therapy, Mediation

I simply can´t manage my marriage anymore. Why are there so many hassles or quarrels and misunderstandings? I feel dissatisfied or alienated – what happened? Do I need a separation or a divorce, or can we solve the problem and can we meet the challenge together? Can we rediscover our love and rejuvenate it?



Business Coaching

Why do I constantly encounter the same problems with my staff, colleagues? Why don´t they accept me, respect me enough? Not enough approval, is it worthwhile to work so hard, to engage myself so heavily? I am disappointed to get such treatment – how can I change the situation?



If you find one or more of these symptoms apply to you, feel free to get in touch for a first interview. Afterwards, we will select the appropriate method of treatment for you from the various available psychotherapeutic methods.