Psychotherapie München, Dr. med. Sibylle Kroesen


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My concept

I work with methods of cognitive and behavioral therapy which include bodily oriented and emotion focused treatments in an experience-oriented way. These methods result in higher efficiency and sustainability.

Aditionally, I use aspects of depth psychological methods if necessary to understand the background.   I usually work in single sessions. Sometimes group sessions are useful, but we will determine what is right for you in our first interview.


The impulse to step into a therapy can come all of a sudden – you realise that you have to change something in your life – or it can come gradually with a lot of thinking and doubts.

Before starting the therapy it is important for me to get to know you as a person, for example your living conditions, specific needs, personal issues and interests. Therefore, probation sessions take place in which you and I will establish if a common therapy makes sense and whether my methods of therapy are appropriate for you. After that we start the mutual work.

My Therapy

  1. Step: Psychosomatic medicine

Allopathy only sees the body as the reason that causes symptoms. Contrarily, psychology sees crisis as related to emotional or psychological reasons. Psychosomatic medicine emphasises the need to unite the body, the soul/spirit and emotions much more than all other medical specialities.

First we clarify if there are possible medical reasons fort the disturbance. Side-effects of medications can induce severe crises – such as a depression or psychosis. A heamogram (blood picture) can show if the stress reaction could be due to other causes – for e.g. it could be caused by an anaemia or diminished function of the thyroid glands. By eliminating such factors we can prevent that therapy being directed towards the wrong field/area.

  1. Step: Psychotherapy

I apply cognitive-behavioral methods that not only incorporate your thinking but also your body and your emotions (embodiment). These methods should allow you to integrate your new experiences, grasp the newly learned topics in life and to deal with them.

A change of attitude in life may be needed and is possible by changing your attitude toward your body and emotions. Here the unity of soul, body and emotion gets reflected. Naturally, I try to integrate your biography to understand your background. These methods are scientifically approved.


Privately Insured

For privately insured patients I charge per benefits catalogue which is usually reimbursed by your health insurance company or provider depending on your policy. Please check with your insurance company or provider about guidelines and coverage of costs. I charge according to the medical fee schedule (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ) which is € 100,55 for 50 minutes.

For direct payers there are no other formalities required and the process is straightforward. So there is no record sent to the insurance company and you stay anonymous. It is often used for short interventions. The costs are the same.

Publicly insured

For public health insured patients I cannot charge directly to the insurance company.  Please talk to your insurance company first. The laws are restricted since April 2017, compensation for outlay is possible only for very exceptional cases.


During my sessions I am not accessible by phone. But you can reach me daily by email ( or by answering machine (089 30777571).

In emergency cases I answer very quickly.